A wide variety of accessories for any and every occasion.

At Lady La’s we are dedicated to helping our guests find the perfect accessories to finish off their look! From formal, to work attire, to day-to-day life. Our wide selection has something for everyone! We carry a variety of jewelry including things from brands like E. Newton, Virgins Saints & Angels, and more.

Our large selection of Purses and Handbags is far from lacking- We also have Backpacks, Wallets, and Computer bags. Lady La’s carries brands such as Michigan Based Jenna Kator, Katie Loxton, and Louis Vuitton. At Lady La’s we make sure we have exactly what you need.

Aside from Jewelry and Bags we also offer lots of other accessories including Hats, Gloves, Socks, Hair accessories, and plenty more. To show off your Detroit pride, Lady La’s sells Made In Detroit hats and shirts, as well as their Grit line to support the Lions! We also carry Yo Sox novelty socks!